Management Profile

The affairs of KMCCS are being managed by a team of committed professionals and experts with a proven track record. The core management committee consists of

Sri Prof.K.J Joy MuprappalliChairman – Sri Prof.K.J Joy Muprappallil
Sri Thomas Philip PeedikayilVice chairman – Sri Thomas Philip Peedikayil
Sri Benny PaulManaging Director – Sri Benny Paul
Sri Stephen GeorgeExecutive committee member – Sri Stephen George Ex MLA
Sri Binoy Mathew EdayadiyilExecutive committee member – Sri Binoy Mathew Edayadiyil
Sri Simon M Xavier ManappallilExecutive Committee member – Sri Simon M Xavier Manappallil

The 21 member board of directors are the controllers of all the activities of KMCCS.

The board has 3 sub-committees to regulate activities. They are loan committee, business development committee and executive committee.